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[发表时间]:2020-11-17 [浏览次数]:

讲座主题:Transition and Inequality



讲座地点:腾讯会议ID:307 892 562

嘉宾简介:何晖,国际货币基金组织高级经济学家,明尼苏达大学博士。研究领域:宏观经济学,劳动经济学,卫生经济学,中国经济学,计算经济学。曾在Journal of Development Economics、Review of Economic Dynamics、Journal of Monetary Economics等国际权威期刊发表论文。

内容摘要:This paper establishes a theory to explain whytransition increases economic inequality. Workers in state-owned enterprises (SOE) face on average significantly lower idiosyncratic income shocks than their counterparts in private-owned enterprises (POE). Economic transition, resulting from a continuously reducing subsidy to SOE, pushes workers to move from SOE to POE. The transition in the labor market thus changes the composition of underlying income shock structure in the aggregate economy. This leads to rising income inequality and co-moving consumption inequality. We calibrate the model to the Chinese economy in transition and show that the model is able to capture the majority of rising economic inequality in urban China.